Know Before You Print

Printing Photo ID badges can be a difficult and sometimes frustrating job, especially if you are tasked with the project of rebadging your entire company!

To help you quickly and efficiently produce massive numbers of ID cards, here are 5 tips to consider when planning your important badge project.

1.Check your data

When was the last time you’ve audited your employee data? The answer we get from most is “I have no clue, why does that even matter”.

Having messy, inconsistent data on your people is going to make this job much tougher and more time-consuming. Make sure to update your personnel data-base(s) prior to beginning. This is especially important if you’re dealing with multiple locations within your organization. A good software package will make disparate data integration much easier to perform.

2. How long has it been?

If this is a reissue of cards, consider the length of time since the last cards were created. People often change their physical appearance, making it difficult to identify them using an old photo. We suggest updating photos every 5 years at the very least. When updating photos, be sure to obliterate the old photos or store the photos in a new location to reduce the likelihood of using an old photo. Also, we suggest purchasing a Photo ID badge camera kit to ensure you have the best quality results for your project; remember not all cameras work with Photo ID badge software, so be sure to check with your ID specialist before purchasing a camera.

3. Do you have the equipment needed to print Photo ID Badges?

If so, is it capable of handling the volume you foresee completing? Should you think about a printer upgrade? Should you get a printer that can handle options such as laminating, creating bar codes, magnetic strips, proxy or RFID encoding? Lastly it is important to know the supplies that will be used for a job (Laminate, cardstock, ribbon, transfer film etc.)

4. Do you plan on re-badging each and every employee?

If so, be sure to look into getting a discount on a volume purchase of card stock and other supplies. Many vendors offer significant price breaks if you purchase a higher quantity of cards and supplies.

5. How will credentials be displayed?

Will you need lanyards or card holders with clips? Will some individuals require contactless proximity credentials? What about vehicle identification?

Each ID badge display solution has their own benefits and uses. For example, retractable reels and holders with quick disconnect buckles are popular where an ID badge is required to swipe, or be waved, to enter a secure part of the workplace. Breakaway fitting lanyards help prevent personal injury if the ID badge gets caught in a moving machine at work. If you require your employees to carry multiple cards a dual badge holder may do the trick!


Feel free to reach out to an eXpress badging ID Specialist if you’d like some assistance. We’re here to help make this entire process easy for you.

Regardless if WE PRINT for you or if YOU PRINT inhouse, we can completely support your badging needs