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Getting Started: Learn Our Badge Processes

Account Overview:

eXpress badging® has a proven process. To ensure that your project is a first-time success, please invest the time to learn and follow our process.

For projects less than 25 badges that do not have a Portal account, we do all the work for you. We will import your data and photos, crop your photos and print your badge based on your approved badge design.

For most projects over 25 badges, you are provided with a username and password (reset) to your secured cloud-based badging Veonics® Portal (Portal) account. This is where you’ll enter/upload your badge data, capture/upload your photos, approve them for printing, optionally preview the badge and manage your ongoing badging.

Customer Account Security:

eXpress badging will only accept customer badge requests/orders from known points of contact. Changes in customer personnel requesting ID badges must be requested by existing and known customer point of contacts to prevent delays in order processing. Otherwise, any new customer point of contact will have to be confirmed through formal means. Starting with calling the customer’s management and directly speaking with a company officer. eXpress badging will only provide badges to customers that can be verified by the following:


  • Business or Organization Name
  • Phone Number
  • Mail/Ship to address
  • Email Address matching customer’s website URL (if applicable)
  • Website
  • If a non-company email is used, eXpress badging will conduct stricter vetting
  • No personal ID badges or ID cards will be processed or printed

Common Order Rejections Causes:

eXpress badging has published procedures for all customers who submit badge print requests. Customer personnel that do not follow eXpress badging stated procedures are subject to rejection. eXpress badging rejected orders may affect any confirmed “must have by” date, potentially causing delays.

Veonics Portal Rejections Causes:

  • Photos and/or Data not approved in the Veonics Portal
  • Veonics Portal approved records missing photos

Non-Veonics Portal or Legacy Process Rejections Causes:

  • Not sending a request to eXpress badging’s provided email
  • Not using eXpress badging provided and approved spreadsheet for submitting data.
  • Adding new columns to an approved spreadsheet; thus the new column data is not on approved badge design/s and cannot be printed without a design change.
  • Missing photos, or photos that can not be matched to data.
  • Email originating from and unknown point of contact.