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Getting Started: Learn Our Badge Processes

Account Overview:

eXpress badging has a proven process. To ensure that your project is a first-time success, please invest the time to learn and follow our process.

For projects less than 25 badges that do not have a Portal account, we do all the work for you. We will import your data and photos, crop your photos and print your badge based on your approved badge design.

For most projects over 25 badges, you are provided with a username and password (reset) to your secured cloud-based badging Veonics Portal™ (Portal) account. This is where you’ll enter/upload your badge data, capture/upload your photos, approve them for printing, optionally preview the badge and manage your ongoing badging.

Veonics Portal™ Process Instructions:

Log In:

  • Log In to the Veonics Portal™:
    • eXpress badging will provide a username and temporary password once your Veonics Portal™ Account has been set up.
      • Your login information will come via a no-reply email.
      • You are provided with an extremely long password, so here is how to change it.
        • First “Copy” the username provided.
        • Login to the Veonics Portal™
        • Go to the top right of the screen where it says “Hello, Your Name.”
        • Mouse over the gear cog next to your name, and select “My Account.”
        • This will bring you to the password update screen
        • ”Paste” in the old password, and then enter in a new one
        • Select “Save.”
    • We also provide a 10-15 minute onboarding session if needed.

Enter/Upload Your Data:

  • Once you log into the Portal, select ID Card Groups
  • If you only have one ID Card Group you are taken directly to ID Card Management
    • If you have multiple ID Card Groups, then select/highlight the relevant Group and select “Manage ID Cards” in the upper pane.
  • Once inside the “ID Card Management”, select the “New” button found next to the “Cards” banner.
  • Once in the “View Card” section, enter the field data.
  • Once your data is entered correctly, select “Save/Continue” to add the photo (see below).
  • You can then select the “New” icon and continue adding records if needed.
  • Other Data Entry Options:
    • Data Import:
      • You can also import a long list of records. (.csv or .xls files)
    • Wizard enrollment:
      • You can select the “Import Wizard” icon within the Card Group section for both data and photo importing.
    • Call us if you need assistance.

Upload/Capture Your Photos:

  • To upload, approve, edit and/or crop the photo
    • Select the “Upload” icon on the “Photo ” line.
    • Select the “Choose File” icon, then map to your saved photo.
    • Select the file (highlight), then select “Open, then select “OK”.
    • Select “Crop/Validate” icon.
      • Using the plus and minus magnifying glasses on the top banner, adjust the photo so the face fits within the alignment oval provided.
      • Pay attention to the attributes published on the right, edit until “Red” becomes green “Green” if needed.
        • There are other settings in the upper banner you can use to make a bad photo better as well.
    • Once the photo is acceptable, select the “Check All” box (or check all boxes manually) and then select “Accept”.
  • Other Photo Entry Options:
    • Batch enrollment:
      • You can also batch upload photos and then match them to each badge record in the Card Groups section.
        • You can manually do this by selecting “Photos” icon and using the tools found on the ID Card Management page.
        • If your photo file name matches a field (“employee number”.jpg) or group of fields (“lastname”_”first”.jpg) the photos will be automatically joined once you run the match tool.
        • For any remaining unmatched photos, you will then manually join them to their associated record.
    • Wizard enrollment:
      • You can select the “Photo Wizard” icon with the Card Group section for photo importing and matching.
    • Live Capture enrollment:
      • You can live capture the photo using a web/digital camera that is connected to your PC
    • Veonics CELLfie™ photo request feature: (limited feature)
      • If an email is entered in the record’s email field (manager or the actual badged individual), you can submit a Veonics CELLfie™ email request that instructs them to securely upload their photo.
      • Once received, you’ll then follow the Validation process below.
    • Once the photos are joined to each badge record, you validate (review, edit, crop, approve) each photo. This ensures your photos meet your organization’s quality standards and match the associated badge record.

Approve for Printing:

  • Approve for Printing
    • When both data and photo are ready, select “Save/Approve” in the upper banner, then select “Back to Record Manager” and select “New” for the next badge enrollment.
      • If you need to exit the record and return to edit further, select “Save”, or “Save/Continue”.
        • FYI, after approving a record, you’ll still be able to “Reopen” it for future edits prior to printing, if needed.
      • Once on the main “ID Card Management” page, all records displaying a green check mark in the “Status” and “Photos” columns, are now “Approved” to be printed and further require you to select the “Post Order” icon once all badge records are ready for printing.

Post Order to be Printed:

  • From the ID Card Management tab, select the “Post Order” icon in the Cards banner.
  • Only records with “Approved” in the Status and Photos columns can be submitted.
    • If you have badges that do not require photos, we will permit no photo records to be Posted.
  • If the quantity is not correct, review the badges submitted for approval status.
  • If you do not have rights to Post Order:
    • Once your badge request is ready to print, send an email to a provided IDME email address and we’ll do the rest.
  • Post Order Tips
    • Do not “Approve” your portal record until you are ready to “Post” your entire order
      • You can batch Approve by checking of the required records, then select the “ID Cards” button, then “Approve” and then “Start”.
    • The “Post Order” option only sends an email to our Production department and places your order in queue
    • When your order is pulled for printing, we will print all “Approved” records for printing, even if approved after Posting.
    • Once printed, you see the “Approved” status change to “Printed”

Photo Capturing Tips:

  • It is recommended to get as close as possible to the subject, capturing from the shoulders up.
  • The camera is placed three feet from the subject. Do not use the zoom feature.
  • Use a solid color backdrop. A matte finished backdrop acts as a light diffuser and reduces glare.
  • If no backdrop is used, be sure there are not any pictures, windows, objects, light switches etc behind the subject.
  • It is recommended to remove non-prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses, or headwear.
  • Do not have your subject directly under fluorescent light fixtures to avoid greenish tints.
  • Please adjust your lighting and/or camera settings for various skin tones.
  • You will capture/upload, crop, adjust attributes, rotate, resize and validate (approve) your photos within our Veonics Portal
  • If you have a USB web camera plugged into your PC, running a MAC in PC emulation, you can directly capture photos into the Portal record.
  • eXpress badging does offer data entry and photo import service options for the customer who procures this service.

vPQM Instructions:

For customers who are printing in-house.

Save or Download your vPQM to your Desktop:

  • If you receive the vPQM via email, or through other means, save it to your Desktop.
  • If you have rights to view the Admin tab within the Portal, you can download the vPQM executable within your Portal Account
    • Select the Admin tab
    • Select Downloads Tab
    • Select the vPQM hyperlink within Downloads
    • The Download may appear in your browser footer and is also auto saved in your Downloads folder on your PC’s hard drive
    • It is best to move the vPQM to your Desktop by using your File Explorer
      • Right-click on your START or WINDOWS button in the bottom left of your screen
      • Select “File Explorer”
      • Select your “Downloads” folder in the left margin tree once launched
      • Locate and select the VeonicsPrintQueue.exe file (most recent vPQM file)
      • Right-click on the file and select “Copy”
      • Navigate to your Desktop by selecting “Desktop” from the left margin tree in your File Explorer
      • Right-click, select “Paste” pasting the vPQM in your Desktop folder, or you can do this step directly on your Desktop
  • If you are not comfortable with this step, contact your IT support person, or contact eXpress badging

Configure your printer driver
Before you open your vPQM, we recommend configuring your printer driver within your PC’s Devices and Printers so the settings match your printing configuration, along with any lamination and magnetic encode settings if applicable.

If you are printing barcodes, we recommend the barcode be printed using the K panel only. If your readers are infrared, only carbon black ink can be read. We also suggest that you download your printer manual and read the driver settings section. Once you are in the vPQM, you can make adjustments to the driver settings that are only stored with the vPQM. The primary print driver settings will not change, so if the vPQM setting reset, the settings will default to the primary print driver settings.

TIP: Before you issue any technology badges, make sure you test them in all the various systems that use the badge and document your results for each.

Using your vPQM:

  • Open your vPQM
  • If a security warning appears select “more info” and “Run Anyways”
  • You will use your Portal User Name and Password to log in.

First Time Setup:

  • Once logged in, select “…” in the vPQM to select your printer driver.
    • If you have not set up the printer driver, you’ll need to do so now
      • Select the “Preferences” Button and set it up based on your printer and ribbon configuration
      • Select “Print” to save your settings and it will not print, it just saves your selected settings
  • During printer setup and testing, you may find that you need to adjust the X and Y offsets
    • Select the Arrow Star Button to the far right of “Printer”
    • Start with -5 for both X and Y, and then dial in from there
  • Once printer settings and offsets are configured to your liking, we suggest selecting “Save Configuration” so your settings are stored for future use
  • Now you’re ready to “Connect” and start printing


  • Select the “Connect” Button
  • You will then see all print jobs in the queue
  • You can select them all to print, or you can select just the ones you want to print.
  • Once all print jobs are selected to print, select the “Print” button


  • Your print Job is not in the queue!
    • If a print job is not there, select the “Refresh” button
    • If the job is still not there, and you have more than one print queue, you may have sent it to another queue, so you’ll need to check all queues
    • If you only have one queue, then you most likely did not complete the send to queue step correctly, so find the record, select, Send to Queue and then once back in the vPQM, select “Refresh” and it should appear

User Management Instructions:

If you have rights to manage Portal users, you’ll see a User button in your top banner. In the General tab, fill out the user information, and assign an expiry date for the end of the year for best practices. If you have access to more than one Organization, please check off (assign) the appropriate Organization so this user has access to.

  • Select the User tab
  • Select the New icon in the upper left bar
  • Enter: first, and last names
  • Select the Generate icon to create a unique username or manually enter (if you get a red duplicate error, the name is already in use)
  • Place your cursor to the right of the magnifying glass in Organization and type the location and it should pop up, or you can search/scroll for it. Make sure to check the box next to the Organization name.
  • Do not hit save yet!
  • Then select the Roles tab and assign the Basic Customer role.
  • Then select Save, which will send the user an email from with a password reset.
    • If a user has a problem resetting their password, enter your email address, Select Reset Password, you log in, assign a new password and provide to the user.
    • The user can request their own password reset, however, you can reset as well by selecting the Password Reset button.

Once complete, we suggest that you also forward the new user a getting started email. An example is below:

Resetting Password TIPS Email Template:

Log In to the Veonics Portal™:

The Portal provides a username and temporary password sent via an a no-reply email.

You are provided with an extremely long password, so here is how to change it.

  • First “Copy” the username provided
    • highlight the entire number
    • right click on your mouse
    • select Copy
    • OR press Ctrl and C at the same time once highlighted.
  • Login to the Veonics Portal™
  • Go to the top right of the screen where it says “Hello, Your Name.”
  • Mouse over the gear cog next to your name, and select “My Account.”
  • This will bring you to the password update screen
  • ”Paste” in the old password, and then enter in a new one
  • Select “Save.”

First watch the Video Here as an online tutorial guide:CLICK HERE

Customer Account Security:

eXpress badging will only accept customer badge requests/orders from known points of contact. Changes in customer personnel requesting ID badges must be requested by existing and known customer point of contacts to prevent delays in order processing. Otherwise, any new customer point of contact will have to be confirmed through formal means. Starting with calling the customer’s management and directly speaking with a company officer. eXpress badging will only provide badges to customers that can be verified by the following:


  • Business or Organization Name
  • Phone Number
  • Mail/Ship to address
  • Email Address matching customer’s website URL (if applicable)
  • Website
  • If a non-company email is used, eXpress badging will conduct stricter vetting
  • No personal ID badges or ID cards will be processed or printed

Common Order Rejections Causes:

eXpress badging has published procedures for all customers who submit badge print requests. Customer personnel that do not follow eXpress badging’s stated procedures are subject to rejection. eXpress badging rejected orders may affect any confirmed “must have by” date, potentially causing delays.

Veonics Portal™ Rejections Causes:

  • Photos and/or Data not approved in the Veonics Portal™
  • Veonics Portal™ approved records missing photos

Non-Veonics Portal™ or Legacy Process Rejections Causes:

  • Not sending a request to eXpress badging’s provided email
  • Not using eXpress badging’s provided and approved spreadsheet for submitting data.
  • Adding new columns to an approved spreadsheet; thus the new column data is not on approved badge design/s and cannot be printed without a design change.
  • Missing photos, or photos that can not be matched to data.
  • Email originating from and unknown point of contact.