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Learn How:

eXpress badging has a proven process for file upload ID badging. To ensure that your project is a first-time success, please invest the time to learn and follow our file upload ID badging process.

Prepare ahead!

  • Have your data saved in a spreadsheet file: First, Last, Title/Dept, and possibly a Photo File Name column
  • The spreadsheet must have a photo name column if your photo files are not exactly named the same as the related column
    • Do not place the file extension (.jpg) in the column: bob.jpg would just be “bob” in column Photo Name
    • Example of correctly named photos:
      • bob_smith.jpg First: Bob, Last: Smith (no column needed)
      • OR not AND
      • 123456.jpg Employee Number: 123456 (no column needed)
    • Example of incorrectly named photos: (column needed)
      • Spelling errors are the most prominent
        • jaane_smith (spreadsheet has Jane Smith)
      • bob.jpg (no last name)
      • bob_smith (spreadsheet has Robert Smith)
      • Some files named first_last, some last_first, some employee number (they all must use the same format)
    • If your photo files are not provided as requested, your order will be rejected, to which we’ll notify of needed corrections.
  • Have all your photo files saved on your computer/network.
  • If your job requires badge designing/edits and proofing, upload a high-quality logo: 300 DPI RGB formatted JPGs are best.
  • If you have any special requests, you can place them in a Word Document and upload them with your files
    • Change or confirmation of address and contact information
    • If you have a need-by-date along with your shipper number and desired ship terms: overnight, 2-day; … if required.

When you are prepared!

  • Enter your email, first, last, company names, and comments as prompted
  • Open your Windows Explorer and drag and drop ALL FILES (artwork, photos, and data) before selecting UPLOAD
    • You will NOT get a confirming email; however, our Production Department will.
  • First-Time Orders: If you do not hear back from eXpress badging after two business days, please contact your ID Specialist.
  • Repeat Badge Request Orders: Your order will ship/mail on Day 2 or Day 3; business days are defined here.
  • Please contact us if you have special instructions or have a need-by-date.

Visit our Resource Center for a full list of resources.

If you have any questions, please contact your ID Specialist! 800-909-8602