Custom Buddy Badges

Custom buddy badges can either have a badge-sized blank area at the top and a color-coded area with the title, role, or department printed at the bottom, making the Buddy Badge highly visible by others when worn behind the actual photo ID badge. A simple means of employee identification, custom buddy badges are designed to your exact text specifications and color choices, so you have control over what they say and which color codes are designated for which type of jobs.

Custom buddy badges are available in horizontal or vertical layouts and can be either one-sided or include printing on the backside. If you are new to the idea of making custom design decisions and need assistance during your custom buddy badge design process, the printed ID badge experts at eXpress badging® are more than happy to help.

Custom Buddy Badges Create Role-Identification for Any Industry

Custom buddy badges are a simple and convenient way to identify the roles of medical personnel such as doctors and registered nurses. And in some cases, to easily indicate and identify entire departments like Emergency Room, Security, Pharmacy, etc. These badges can provide a quick means of knowing who is associated with which vocation simply by seeing the color code worn. Buddy badge customization is necessary for non-profit volunteers, interns, and visitors at your school or business. University professors, government employees, public service workers, and staff at any other industry all greatly benefit from the visual impact of this easily-seen form of wearable ID.

eXpress badging Offers Both Custom and Pre-Designed  Badges

In addition to creating custom buddy badges, eXpress badging also has many buddy badges already designed for the most popular titles and color codes available for purchase. We can also fulfill any order that requires a rare title name, custom color-coding, and adding R.A.C.E, P.U.L.L., and other Joint Commission reference statements. Contact us today and a member of our team will assist with your order regardless of selecting our quick-ship, pre-designed buddy badges, or fully customizable buddy badges.

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