RFID Cards

RFID cards and technology at your disposal.

The acronym RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. This technology uses electromagnetic waves to capture and read data. In most RFID card configurations, the cardholder’s detailed information is stored in a system database. Other formats take advantage of smart chips to directly store cardholder data when connectivity to the primary source database is not available.

Secure, convenient, and multifunctional, RFID card technology is used in various industries to grant access to buildings and parking garages, record time punches for mass volumes of personnel, document transactions, and so much more. If you think RFID card technology could benefit your organization, keep reading for our card stock options.

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RFID Card Stock Selection and Services

At eXpress badging®, it’s our pleasure to help you select the right RFID card stock for your RFID-enabled system. Our selection of blank or unprinted RFID cards includes 125KHz proximity cards, 13.56MHz contactless smart cards, high-frequency RFID, ultra-high frequency RFID, NFC, and multi-format RFID cards. We also provide HID proximity key fobs and Microprox tags.

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eXpressPROX™ RFID Cards

We believe in accessible, high-quality products. That’s why we’ve created eXpressPROX™. eXpressPROX™ RFID cards are generic RFID proximity cards that use dependable name brand technology at a more affordable price. With a polished imaging surface designed for PVC printers, eXpressPROX™ RFID cards can be ordered two ways — on standard PVC or more durable composite PVC material required for lamination-style printers.

If you have an ID card printing system, you can order unprinted RFID cards in bulk packs of 50. Otherwise, eXpress badging will take care of all your ID card needs, from ID badge design to printing.

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HID Proximity and Contactless Smart Cards 

HID, a manufacturer of RFID solutions, has become the industry standard for facility and vehicle access control. HID cards are routinely used as ID badges, replacing the need for previously used magnetic stripes.

Further, HID cards eliminate the need to swipe cards physically, as they only need to be held within proximity of a reader for authentication to be made. At eXpress badging, we offer a full line of these contactless smart cards.

HID Key Fobs and Microprox Tags

HID proximity key fobs and Microprox tags allow users to establish secure access control that is fast and convenient. Their implementation is also cost-efficient as they don’t require new equipment installation due to their universal compatibility with various HID card readers. While they both use HID Prox 125 kHz technology, each has unique characteristics that differentiate its functionality.

HID proximity key fobs are used most often in residential applications to grant access to gated communities. They have an eyelet on the side, and due to their compact size, are usually placed on a key ring. On the other hand, HID Microprox tags are small and circular. They have an adhesive on one side that allows for easy attachment to most surfaces.

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