Visitor and Screening Management

eXpress badging® provides a range of visitor and screen management systems available on our website to create visitor ID badges easily and affordably. This system is made possible through our cloud software, expiring labels, and printer services. Our visitor and screening management systems allow for temporary ID badge access or other forms of documentation for on-site visitors. One main benefit to our visitor management systems is that they promise secure ways to manage and conveniently control on-site visitors. This system ultimately was designed for easy yet secure access to buildings and facilities.

Our visitor management process utilizes adhesive visitor badges that are simple and straightforward. The use of self-expiring visitor labels is user-friendly, as they easily adhere to a person’s clothing. Another hassle-free visitor label that is highly recommended is a visitor ID badge with a reusable badge backing. Along with this process, a visitor label software system is available to enter and manage data efficiently. For photo purposes, a USB camera will capture visitors’ photos, then be sent to a visitor label printer, and your ID badge will be printed as an adhesive badge. Ask one of our knowledgeable staff members about our Visitor and Screening Management systems today!

Visitor Management Accessories

Through eXpress badging, we offer various complementary accessories such as reusable backings and strap clips available with your order. We also offer a wide range of visitor management products and services, including label printing supplies, all-in-one visitor management solutions, and our visitor management cloud software. We promise secure and reliable storage for the information fed to our cloud software. Our visitor management SaaS cloud is a safe and convenient way to store and access personal information about on-site visitors, their limitations, and their other data.

For any questions on our visitor management systems, please contact us today!

Customize your visitor ID badge order with products and accessories like:

  • Clear vinyl strap clips
  • Self-expiring duplicating tabbed visitor badge books
  • Slotted self-adhesive name badges
  • Custom label writers
  • Visitor badge reusable backing ID cards

Contact us now, and the experts at eXpress badging will guide you through our visitor management solutions process.