The Process:

  • As you are taking digital photos, write down in numeric order the person’s name (or unique number; employee, student membership…)  to make it easier to match each photo with the individual. Note:   ⦁ Click here to review our photo capture tips.
  • Once a photo file is downloaded (copied) to the PC, save the JPEG image file as the card holders’ name in a “Last” underscore “First” name format. Remember to leave the “.jpg” extension in the file name. If you have people with the same name include a employee number or department as well so we know who is who.
    • It is a good idea to name the file using the exact data that is in the related data excel spreadsheet so automatic matching can be utilize:
    • First_Last_Employeenumber.jpg
    • When using the camera default file name, please put the file name with card holder data within the Excel file. (for 100_2021.jpg place 100_2021 in the photo_name  field  for associated record )
  • If the image is more than 100-200 kb in size, please save as a smaller images to reduce size required to email a group of photos.
  • Attach the your photo image files to your submittal email. DATA ENTRY
  • All data must be supplied in a spreadsheet provided after proof approval.  If you can not locate your spreadsheet, please email and we will resend.  Your badge is populated with the exact data you send without any manipulation so please double check prior to sending.  Examples of fields to be sent include but not limited to:
    • First_name
    • Last_name
    • Professional_Credential
    • Title
    • Department
    • Location_Name
    • Expiration_Date
    • Photo_Name
  • Send the ready email to:


  • If at all possible, please process your card holder data in no less than daily batches.
  • Card holder information will be printed as submitted so double check it. Carefully proofread all data information and spelling for accuracy before submission.
  • Please confirm before sending, middle initials, any prefix or suffix such as: Dr.,Credentials, I, II, III, Jr., Sr. If they are provided, they will be printed “as is”.
  • Check upper lower case formatting for consistency. Upper lower case is easiest read for recognition purposes.
  • If a spelling or formatting conflict arises between the Excel data and the photo file name, the Excel data is used as the default.
  • We use a best fit feature for most designs, so if a data element is unusually long, it will print in a small enough font to fit; abbreviations are recommended if this case.
  • Abbreviated Titles, Departments or other cardholder data, will be printed “as is”.
  • Do not submit additional columns of data to the spread sheet; we will only merge and print the columns placed on your approved proof. If new badge data is needed, a new proof is required; additional proof charges will apply.
  • If your data is in “last name”, “comma” “first name” format, please reformat to be “first name” “Space” “last name”, or place in individual cells in the spreadsheet file.
  • Request “Staff ID” or “Temporary ID” badges for new hires or transient cardholders.
  • For accounts using bar codes, you can assign the bar code number on temporary ID while the permanent ID is being processed.
  • You may decide to issue the permanent ID upon start of new pay period taking the temporary ID out of circulation for at least one pay period before using again.

Reissue Requests

  • Please confirm and supply all card holder information to be printed on the card, and reference original submission date if photo is used, otherwise, attach a new photo. A new photo is recommended if over 3 years since last request.
  • Express Badging may request a new photo per submission due to purging and archival procedures. As a rule Express Badging is not responsible for maintaining an active database of data and photos. However, card holder information is normally available. /li>
    Processing Timeline:
  • Once you send your badge request to, you will received an auto-response acknowledgement.
  • We have a 3 business day guarantee for Prepaid Badging customers from the date we receive your email submittal. For example; any Prepaid Badging order that is received anytime on Monday, is guaranteed to be in the mail on Thursday.  Most are in the mail on Wednesday, or 2 business days.
  • 3 Day Guarantee – If your Prepaid Badging order is not in the mail within 3 business days from date of receipt as defined above, we will not use badge credits up to a value of $100 per incident.
  • For Batch Badging and Quick Card orders, we still strive to meet the same time lines; however the guarantee does not apply.
  • First Class U.S Postal Service is used unless otherwise specified in your ID project terms.
  • We recommend factoring a 5 to 7 business day lead time for badges from the date of email to the time received in-hand.
  • For emergency issues, please call to confirm expedited timeline. If Priority Overnight mail is requested please provide the billing account number for expedited shipping.

Express Badging will:

  • Import your data and applicable photos
  • Optionally slot for clip/lanyard or affix magnetic badge holder bar
  • Print your order to approved specifications
  • Document your back order and/or ship quantity
  • Process identification products for shipment within three business days of request