ID Card and Reader Compatibility

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ID Card Technology Types

rfid card stack by eXpresss badging

RFID Formats and Forms

  • Proximity – Prox cards (125 KHz)
    • Cloning service of current numbers when rebadging
  • MIFARE RFID – Contactless (13.56 MHz)
  • NFC (13.56 MHz)
  • Combo Prox and Contactless
  • Cards, Clamshells, Adhesives, and Fobs
  • Read, Post, and Import Services for mass new card enrollment

High Coercivity Magnetic Stripe

  • Combo Tracks I, II, and III
  • Tracks IV and V for debit stripes
  • Low Coercivity Magnetic Stripe
  • Encoding services
    id card technology by eXpress badging


  • We have not met a barcode we could not print
  • Lamination option for swipe readers

Combination Cards

  • Prox and Contactless
  • Contactless and NFC
  • Adding a magnetic stripe
  • Adding a barcode

ID Card Testing Process

  1. Discovery
    eXpress badging works with customers to precisely understand all card technology requirements (RFID, barcode, and magnetic stripe) and their use in physical access control (PAC), time and attendance (T&A), point of sale (POS), logical access control (PC Sign-on), and any other card-based reader solutions.
  2. Test Samples
    Sample test cards are provided based on customer-provided specifications and card samples. Based on this discovery, eXpress badging creates and ships test samples with approval forms for all applicable systems.
  3. Approval
    Test cards must be enrolled in each system used; then, transactions are generated for each test card provided. We recommend printing a transaction report in each badge reader system to document successful ID badge enrollment and transaction generation (badge works in the reader). Does the badge open the door, record a time punch, record a tracking transaction, and then record the transaction in the system using the unique badge ID number and person assigned to it? After testing and documentation, then the customer provides an authorized signature per test approval form. If further testing is required, we conduct more discovery and additional testing until all card-based systems are approved.
  4. Production with 100% Certainty
    eXpress badging produces the customer’s order upon approval and ships as